August 20, 2011

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo.

So, I post on the mecca of social networks, Facebook.  (No irony lost on me that the majority of you reading this will get here via the aforementioned site.)  I post "status" updates, pictures and the occasional witty remark (humor me).  I shamelessly post pictures of my newborn.  She's a major attention-getter, which is the point.
If you've read anything prior to this post (or know me maybe even remotely) you'd know that my third child came as a serious surprise.  A friend just told me the baby is so cute she almost wants to have another.  I advised against it.  She said maybe she'll lobby for a puppy instead. 
L'il Geel is gorgeous and a very good baby.  I love her little smiles and the mysterious baby babble.  The day-to-day frustrations are far outweighed by the joy and wonder of this little person.  But take me back a year, before I knew her--knew of her even--give me a choice and I might have chosen the puppy. 

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