January 22, 2013

The Geel - Ketchup With Us #10

My first time "Ketching up" so here goes....

Michele at Old Dog New Tits and Mel at According to Mags post a prompt, pic or video every 1st and 15th of the month.  This is #10, and the prompt is to write about something that you go head to head with every day.  No.  Contest.  That would be The Geel.  

Aaaaaand, you have to write it in 57 words or less. LOVE it!  (I proclaim myself a minimalist at heart--The Sarge would laugh at that one.)  Anyway, here's mine:

Every day:  head to head,

As soon as this girl is out of bed.

Clever and funny; my pride and joy.

(Can’t believe I had wanted a boy)

Too smart and ornery, but lucky she’s cute.

Worst thing is, she’s not even 2!

Her-way or the highway, you can’t tell her.

Headstrong and determined.  That’s my girl! 
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