November 22, 2012

The 5 Stages Of Weaning.

Denial:   I don't need to wean her just yet.  This is so healthy for both of us. It's completely normal that my eighteen-month-old not only asks to nurse,  but tells me when to switch sides. And informs me when "I done."  And it's such a wonderful bonding experience, I totally love it.  Still.

Anger:  What am I,  a prize-winning sow? WTH is wrong with this kid!?  She still doesn't sleep through the night!  I can't do this sh*t anymore!  I'm gonna cut her off cold-turkey.  I. AM. DONE.

Bargaining:  How about a cookie; wouldn't you rather eat a cookie?  Do you want to watch TV?  Let's read a book first,  then do nur-nurs.  Don't cry!  How about mommy just holds you? How about I hold you and you hold the cookie?  Ok,  mommy will let you for just one minute.  I'm putting on the timer.  Ok, two minutes and mommy gets a cookie.

Depression:  OMG, this kid is never going to wean.  I will never again have a night of uninterrupted sleep.  Why can't she be easy like my other two?  This is so not fair.  I want my boobs back. 

Acceptance:  I guess I just can't force the issue--she'll eventually stop when she's ready.  It's not like she'll still be nursing when she's in kindergarten.  She'll get bored of it soon.   This too shall pass.

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Happy Thanksgiving, not-so-super people!

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November 20, 2012

What Slim does with his free time....

Slim saved his birthday money to buy a tablet.  I am pretty vigilant about making sure he's not puttering around the interwebs, stumbling upon something unsavory on YouTube (he likes to look for Lego Star Wars videos and such).

Guess I should have been a little more discerning about the kids drawing app I let him download.  And perhaps a lock on the fridge is in order....

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