January 25, 2012

Super Mom.

So strangely (or coincidentally) enough after my last post a friend sends out an email that the community theater in the next town is holding open auditions that night at 6:30 for their Christmas play.  No preparation, no experience necessary.  They are looking for adults and about 30 kids. I got the email while at the park with the kids......

That day I wanted to be the mom who got her ass off the couch and took her kids to the park, laundry-be-damned!  Although since the baby fell asleep and all I really did was push her stroller in circles while Moo and Slim played, I decided to try and be productive at the same time and check my email.  So it's roughly 4:20 pm and I am trying to decide if I should even suggest such a thing to my kids.  I'm pretty sure they will be up for it, but will I?

The kids are done and on the way home I go for it:
"Do you guys want to go try out for a play?"  
"YEAH!" (imagine 72 point font....)
So, home for a few pieces of leftover pizza then we're off to the "Theataaahh.".  A fifteen minute ride and an endless stream of questions later we are raring to go.  The kids did a good job and had an okay time.  I tried to explain some things to them without raising false hope or killing the experience.  They understand that it can be fun and rewarding but that there is also hard work involved.  But all of that is kind of beside the point.

The most important thing to me is that I did it at all.  Usually I would read an email like that and think that it's just too late; we missed the boat; there's no way I can get them home, feed them and get there in time.  But I didn't this time.   Not only was I already at the park that day, I then made an impromptu trip to an audition!  How cool am I?  I mean, I know other moms out there do this sort of thing every day.  Do I need to pat myself on the back over this?  Not really, but I will anyway.  I got my kids off to school without my husband's help, I worked at my part-time job, ran some errands, took my kids to the park, fed them dinner and took them to an audition.  For one day, I felt like Super Mom.


  1. Hi there -
    I (along with her 11,000 readers) was referred to your blog by Jen-the throat puncher! So ya better get writting and make it hilarious! :)

    I tried to respond under your lice post, but it wouldn't let me. So here's my LICE expertise for you - save yourself some heartache!!! I taught this at our school years ago after i had spent at least a thousand dollars trying to fix my problem in my three daughters hair - and my school was NOT helpful in the least. I did poisons, prescriptions, dyed their hair, hot paraffin dips, soaking in mayo in the hot az sun, eggs, milk, laundry soaps, dog shampoos, etc...seriously there is not ONE thing out there that I didn't try.I commend what yu're doing!!! But in the interim here's how to be bug free:

    Ok-the lil buggars are resistant and the more poison you use, the stronger they get, so in my opinion, it's best to start with this plan and NOT use poison. Plus - of course it is better for your Sweetpea.

    Katie's Lice Killing Plan

    The supplies you'll need you can pick up at Walgreens and at Sprouts or Mother's market (or any health food store)


    First, even if YOU see nothing, you MUST have a nit comb. DO NOT get the flat metal ones, they shred the hair, pull it and make Sweetpea cry. You need one with round tines.

    search google for LICE MEISTER - you don't have to get that brand, but that's what you want it to look like

    it gets every single lice egg *nit* out. They sell then at Walgreens, sometimes the handle is a different color, and they go by different names, that doesn't matter, it's the metal part you're paying attention to :)

    1 regular sized bottle (any brand) baby shampoo OR Prell

    1 bottle tea tree oil 2oz

    1/2 cup olive oil - any brand

    1/4 cup coconut oil - any brand

    1/2 cup liquid fabric softener - any brand

    emptry spray bottle

    little dish of rubbing alcohol

    white cloth


    shampoo, bottle of tea tree oil (reserve and set aside 1 tablespoon of it) 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup coconut oil (a lot of times its solid-ish, melt it before mixing.


    1/4 cup olive oil, the reserved tablespoon of tea tree and (this sounds nuts, but...) About 1/2 cup liquid fabric softener, mix all this with 1-1 1/2 cups of warm water,

    shampoo the hair and rinse well.

    Then put on a movie for Sweetpea...while the hair is still wet, spray the mixture in the spray bottle onto the hair in small sections and comb out any lil vermin, constantly rinsing your comb in the dish of alcohol and wiping it on the white cloth. It's VERY important that you don't shake any any of these eggs lose!

    When you're finished, rinse the hair out well, then have Sweetpea stand in the shower - she can wear a bathing suit if she's too old too old to go nekkid - but no other clothes. And blow dry the heck out of that hair - ON HOT and HIGH!

    You wanna wash with this shampoo once a week for a month or so. As for blankets, pillows and stuffies, lice can't live off of their host, so save your money and your lungs, tie stuff up in trash bags and set out in sun for 48 hours. Or in the dryer on high for 30 mins.

    Once I had done my routine, I would take a big ol' bottle of extra strength, jersey shore style gel, and a crap ton of teeny tiny rubberbands, actual plastic ones. I'd saturate the hair with gel then put in little pony designs all over their heads then blow dry it crispy. Lice like clean hair, squeaky clean preferably that they can grip and climb.Greasy, dirty hair (contrary to popular belief) and coated with gel hair doesn't give them anywhere to go!

    So, I hope you found this informative and helpful...I have passed this in many times and its always worked, if you think you got them all with posion, they'll be back with vengeance.

    Take care!!

  2. Sounds like today you ARE Supermom. Well done you. It's nice when everything comes together.

    (also, with regard to the comment above, I've always found that rather than any treatments, just breaking the life cycle is sufficient, I remember with this poem:

    Wash, rinse, condition, comb
    Leave the louse without a home
    Rinse and repeat every day
    Until the nits have gone away



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