March 16, 2012

...our new "normal"......

five weeks later....

NO, not another round, but we are still hearing stories of "random" lice checks on kids. Now, to my knowledge they only check classrooms with a suspected/confirmed case of head lice, so this just tells me that its still making its way around the school, AND every parent we talk to and explain our story is surprised that they had no knowledge of ANY cases. 

Some parents aren't even aware that their children are being checked in school (if the kids dont't mention it, then how would they?)  Just another reason why it's SO IMPORTANT to communicate so that concerned parents can double-check their children at home.  We already know that one girl in our neighborhood who got it the same week as Moo was checked at school where "nothing was found" only to come home and have live adults found by her mother.

Again, I realize that the school nurses cannot check heads all day, every day, but isn't that just more reason to make parents AWARE, so that they can treat their children and homes and curb the spread?  I'm still checking my kids' heads every day--just to be safe.  Welcome to our new normal.  The thought of it irritates me, but the thought of another round of de-lousing the house is far worse.

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