February 16, 2015

It's My Vag and I'll Steam If I Want To.

I don't generally write about current events but the latest installment in asshat politics has really burned my box and got me thinking about a bigger picture....

Let me say that I know I'm way late to this "party."  And is that next? Home steaming parties? Between Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, and Scentsy, there's a good name in there somewhere. (Tastefully Pampered Pussies, anyone?)

Tastefully Pampered Pussy
This isn't the bigger picture I was talking about.

First thing's first, let me be perfectly clear--I'm not steaming my vag.  For a person whose beauty regimen consists mainly of, um, showering (and really, isn't that enough steam for anyone's vag?) going to a spa and steaming my ladybits would be like going to a Mercedes-Benz dealership to have them wash the bumper of my KIA.

Second, I could not give a shit what Gwyneth is doing.  Not. One. Fuck. Given.  The woman has absolutely no bearing on my everyday life and as such, I care not how consciously or unconsciously she chooses to do anything.  I may think she's a snob or an idiot, but I don't even waste any time proclaiming that to anyone (Until now, I guess.)  Next week she'll be saying how upcycled goat shit is all the rage and how she's eating it on organic whole grain Melba toast three times a day but will I be running out to Trader Joe's to get some?  Nope.

But even my total apathy for Gwyneth is beside the point.  Or maybe it is exactly the point. I don't care what she does with her coot and NOBODY should care what I do with mine. There are women in this world who are tortured by genital mutilation and stoned to death for adultery and we should absolutely give EVERY FUCK about these women and these issues.  Meanwhile, back in 'Murica, we're worried about which Hollywood A-lister pampered her parts.

I'm not an activist.  Most days I can't conquer anything that isn't laundry (and some days I can't even manage that.) Today was a victory.

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I tend to shy away from these topics, but the more I think about it and read about the myriad ways in which we are losing control of our very vajayjays and how politicians want to tell us not only what we can and cannot DO with our vag, but what we can clothe it in (but, haha, he was joking, right?) it really made me think about everyone's attack on Gwyneth and her steamy snatch.  And whatever it is I'd ever do with mine.

Which is whatever the fuck I want.

Not that that's any of YOUR business.
It's my vag and I'll steam if I want to. #myvagmybusiness @notsosupermom_


  1. Agreed. Why is it ANYONE'S business? I don't want to hear about what people do with their own vajayjays. You've raised the real issue about inhumane treatment of women, and that's the only thing we should focus on "this area."

    1. Right? It's disturbing how screwed up our priorities are in this country. Disturbing.

  2. Why would anyone WANT other people's lady bits to be their business? You do what you want with yours, and keep it to yourself.

    1. Exactly! Don't show me yours and I won't show you mine!


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