May 10, 2015

Roadtrip: Motherhood

We all take a journey in motherhood.  Motherhood is "about the journey" because there is no destination.

For some, I imagine it is a luxury vacation--carefully mapped and planned.  For most others I would guess it is like a poorly planned road trip where you feel like you're on your way somewhere that you weren't completely prepared for.  Some roads are smoother than others, of course. Some parts of the journey are arduous.  And it can be like the longest road trip of your life.

There will be detours, fast food, and carsickness; there may be whining, yelling and crying.
You will hear interminable choruses of Sesame Street CD's and endless repetitions of "I need to go potty!" and "Are we there yet?" You will pack too many toys and not enough snacks, or vice versa.  You will forget your ear plugs and the extra diapers.  You will stop.

You will stop many, many times.  Someone will need to go potty and someone will be hungry and you will need to refuel.  Occasionally you will stop, and breathe, and take in the beauty of it all.  But you always keep going, because that's what you do.  Because even though you know there IS no destination, you will try your damnedest to get there.  You will push, you will pull, you will labor and you will go on.

One thing about this trip:  no way is the wrong way to go.  You may not have the best directions--if any.  You might question the road you have chosen.  You may even feel like you are getting nowhere sometimes (I have a teenager now. I know things.) but you journey on, because EVERYTHING is in the journey.  This journey.  And you're never there yet.

In motherhood, there is no "there."  You will raise your babies to be kids and your kids to be teenagers and your teenagers to be adults.  They will grow up and grow older and someday have babies of their own and you will never, ever, NOT be their mother.  You will never reach a destination, because there isn't one.  It is a journey that has no end.

Happy Mother's Day to you, wherever you may be on your journey.  Enjoy the ride.

You will never reach a destination because there isn't one. Enjoy the ride. #RoadtripMotherhood


  1. What an excellent analogy for motherhood! For me, there has been planning, some cancellation of plans, a bumpy road and some weather events, but overall a wonderful journey! Can't wait to see where the road takes us next!

  2. This is a great analogy! I agree completely. There's always someone standing there too, saying "YOU NEED TO ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE OR YOU ARENT REALLY LIVING!" don't forget that part. :P

    1. YES! I totally forgot that part! Isn't this the BEST time? Don't you just LOVe this stage?

  3. Ah, this is so so true and definitely something to keep in mind! I use to think that it got easier but I'm learning there will always be something that needs doing and helping with when it comes to our children!

    1. Always! Ever new age and stage presents new challenges. It might not get easier, but it will always be different! Right now I have a teen, a tween and a preschooler. Keeps me busy!

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