November 12, 2010

it all comes out in the wash....

another baby-doctor appointment today.  twelve weeks.  May seems so far away and yet I already feel like I have been pregnant so long.  the midwife I saw today warned that she might not be able to hear a heartbeat right away but that she would get out the ultrasound to check the baby if we could not find it.  she had barely touched down on my stomach with the wand and bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum at 150 beats per minute in that squishy-sounding watery rhythm.  life.

I am at the back end of the first trimester and seeming to feel better in the past few days.  less of the constant nausea, maybe a little more of the ravenous hunger, but generally better.  not quite so tired ALL the time.

so I have finally pinpointed my greatest fear in all of this.  it is not labor (a third go-round passing another likely 9+ lbs of tiny human).  it is not the sleepless nights or even revisiting diaper-changing.  it is the increase in laundry.

I HATE doing the laundry.  occasionally I find it therapeutic to get lost in folding:  watching some show on the DVR, folding, organizing piles, matching socks.  but mostly I hate the process.  turning the loads from washer to dryer, carrying them upstairs, finding the energy.  and even if I get some strange pleasure out of folding things, I absolutely can't stand putting it away.

well now I'll be having even more fun.  tiny things that are barely able to be folded, let alone folded into neat piles.  and stuffing them into shallow drawers?  I can hardly wait.  and not only is folding this stuff a pain, but it really should be washed separately, creating some crazy exponential increase in the entire operation.  for one tiny being:  onesies, teeny socks, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, hats.  all in need of their own laundry side job.

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  1. This is funny... the solution I have found. The laundry room/closet. Yes, all laundry stays inside the laundry room at my house. Thus leaving those large clothing storage areas for toys alone. There is no clothing found in my bedroom or my child's bedroom.


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