January 14, 2015

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog meme
Sincerely,  The NotsoSuperMom
I've been thinking a lot about us lately and I've come to the conclusion that things just aren't right between us.  And I have to admit that it's not you, it's me.

I have not been the blogger that I set out to be.

It's been over four years and although things have never been outrageous, they've been slow (or sometimes at a complete standstill) and (sorta) steady. You've always been here for me whenever I need a place to vent, but I have not held up my end of the bargain.

I made promises I never kept.  I didn't commit to you the way I should have.  I didn't give you the time and attention you needed and I never made you a priority.  I cast you aside to fold clothes, to tend to sick kids, to cut coupons, to sleep.  I have never been as dedicated as I intended.

I try to put on a good face.  I post things on your facebook page.  I have tried to make things look good in the social media, but it's just not the same since I haven't been with you like I should be.  I have been a neglectful and lazy mistress.

And the ugly truth is, I've cheated.

I've have seen a few other blogs.  It's nothing serious, but there have been a few quickies here and there.  A funny story, a heartfelt letter, maybe a poem.  And a lot of memes--just too many to say. And I feel SO GUILTY that I spent time with them when I can't even make time for my own blog. WHAT KIND OF BLOGGER AM I?!?

So the big question is: where do we stand?  I don't want to make more promises that I won't can't keep, but I really think we need to try.  I think we need to spend some time and get to know each other again.

I love you SO much and I want to make this right.  I want to be better.  How can I make this up to you?


The NotsoSuperMom

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